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With the goal of ensuring that academic research is available to everybody, we at Wavejo Company are committed to advancing open access. Each of the open-access journals in our portfolio undergoes stringent peer review and follows moral publication guidelines. All academics, research teams, departments, and institutions are served by our inclusive staff. We guarantee that every published work is impartially examined and that quality always takes precedence over transparency.

Open Access

Open access: Unveiling Knowledge for All

Information flourishes in an open atmosphere, free of paywalls and geographical boundaries. That is why we support the open-access concept, which makes all published articles in our journals publicly accessible to anybody with an internet connection. This encourages:

  • Wider Research Dissemination: Our publications reach a global audience beyond academic institutions, fostering a wider readership and a more significant impact.

  • Enhanced Collaboration: Open access facilitates greater collaboration between researchers across disciplines and geographical boundaries.

  • Accelerated Discovery: Increased access to research findings fuels faster scientific progress and innovation.

  • Equity and Inclusion: Democratizing research knowledge by removing financial barriers opens doors for researchers from all backgrounds and regions.

Submit your work and join us in the pursuit of unrestricted knowledge dissemination and be part of a transformative movement that transcends boundaries and empowers minds worldwide.

Manuscript Guidelines

We admire your study and want to assist you in sharing it with the rest of the world. Our detailed manuscript guidelines outline the procedures and expectations for submitting your work to any of our publications. These recommendations address the following topics:

  • Types of articles: Original research pieces, reviews, case studies, and other forms that may be accepted by various publications. Choose the best format for your project.
  • Formatting and style: We follow precise formatting and style rules to maintain a consistent and professional appearance.
  • Guidelines for Authors: Understand individual author duties and contribution requirements to collaborate with colleagues properly.
  • Review: Learn about our stringent peer review process and what to anticipate after submitting your work.

Following our rules boosts your chances of a smooth and successful publication journey. You may discover specific criteria for each publication in our editorial pages on our portal.

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