About Us

About Wavejo

At Wavejo Company, our mission is to advance open access so that everyone may access academic research. Every open-access journal in our portfolio goes through a rigorous peer review process and adheres to ethical publication standards. Our inclusive staff provides support to all academics, research teams, departments, and institutions. We promise that every published work is evaluated objectively and that excellence always comes before openness. making certain that every published work is evaluated impartially. After a thorough two-week vetting procedure, we often respond, enabling quicker publication. We encourage you to become involved with the open-access movement so that you can advance your field and promote a society that is more knowledge-driven and equal.


Rather than just being a publisher, we are a catalyst for democratization and access to information. Research has the power to change lives, and we think everyone should have the opportunity to learn, grow, and advance our current understanding. For this reason, we support the dissemination of research findings under open access, which enables everyone to read high-caliber scholarly works.

Reaching the highest standards for scholarly publishing is a top priority for our dedicated team of experts. We uphold an extensive collection of open-access journals spanning significant fields, all committed to strict peer review, moral publication procedures, and worldwide dissemination.

Core Values

We are not just open; we are also inclusive. We are happy to serve individual scholars, research teams, departments, and institutions and embrace the global character of intellectual debate. We provide a platform for your revolutionary work to reach the broadest potential audience, whether you are a seasoned professor or an aspiring researcher.

Quality is more important to us than transparency. Our experienced editors and reviewers adhere to the highest ethical and academic standards, guaranteeing that each published work is carefully and objectively reviewed. We provide authors with thorough manuscript standards and experienced help throughout publication.

How We Operate

Our process is transparent and useful. Our clearance process takes at least two weeks, after which there is a thorough peer review process and a prompt release. By working with us, you may increase the impact and potential for meaningful change in your study by getting it out there more quickly.