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About Us:

Step into the evolving landscape where humans and robots converge – welcome to the Journal of Human-Robot Interaction (JHRI). As architects of innovation in the realm of collaborative dynamics, we are dedicated to unraveling the complexities, fostering interdisciplinary connections, and shaping the forefront of human-robot interaction.

Our Vision:

At the Journal of Human-Robot Interaction (JHRI), our vision is to be a catalyst for interdisciplinary exploration and the dissemination of groundbreaking research. We strive to provide a dynamic platform for scientists, engineers, researchers, and visionaries to share transformative insights, novel methodologies, and revolutionary discoveries that redefine the possibilities of human-robot coexistence.

Scope of Exploration:

Our journal embraces a diverse spectrum of topics within human-robot interaction research, including but not limited to:

  • Embodied Intelligence: Advancements in robotic systems capable of perceiving, understanding, and responding to the physical world.
  • Human-Centric Design: Innovations in designing robots that align with human needs, preferences, and cultural contexts.
  • Interactive Learning: Exploring adaptive systems that learn and evolve through continuous interaction with human counterparts.
  • Healthcare Robotics: Developments in robotic applications for healthcare, rehabilitation, and assistance to enhance human well-being.
  • Augmented Reality Interfaces: Investigating interfaces that seamlessly merge the digital and physical realms, facilitating natural human-robot engagement.
  • Human-Robot Collaboration: Understanding collaborative workspaces, shared decision-making, and effective cooperation between humans and robots.

Our Commitment to Excellence:

The Journal of Human-Robot Interaction (JHRI) is committed to upholding the highest standards of academic rigor, scientific integrity, and ethical responsibility. Our esteemed editorial board, comprised of leading experts in human-robot interaction, ensures a rigorous peer-review process that identifies and promotes exceptional contributions to the advancement of collaborative robotics.

Fostering Global Collaboration:

Recognizing the global impact of human-robot interaction research, our journal provides an inclusive platform for fostering international collaboration. We invite researchers from diverse backgrounds to contribute their unique perspectives, fostering a global network dedicated to shaping the future of human-robot partnerships.

Join the Human-Robot Interaction Community:

Whether you're a seasoned researcher in human-robot interaction, an engineer pushing the boundaries of collaborative robotics, or an advocate for human-centric design, the Journal of Human-Robot Interaction (JHRI) invites you to be an integral part of the collaborative community. Contribute your expertise, engage in meaningful discourse, and shape the trajectory of human-robot interaction research for the betterment of society.

Connect with Us:

Stay informed about the latest research, conferences, and discussions by following us on social media and exploring our publications. Together, let's delve into the dynamic world of human-robot interaction, unlock new possibilities, and advance our understanding of the partnerships that shape the future.

Thank you for being part of the Journal of Human-Robot Interaction community (JHRI). Together, let's innovate, collaborate, and drive advancements in human-robot interaction.