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About Us:

Welcome to the intersection of biology and technology – the Journal of Biosensors And Electronics (JBE). As a dedicated platform in the realm of bioelectronics, we are committed to advancing knowledge, fostering innovation, and navigating the frontier where biology and electronics converge.

Our Mission:

At the Journal of Biosensors and Electronics (JBE), our mission is to serve as a catalyst for the exploration and dissemination of groundbreaking research in biosensors and electronic devices interfacing with biological systems. We provide a dynamic space for researchers, engineers, and biotechnologists to share transformative insights, novel methodologies, and cutting-edge innovations that redefine the landscape of bioelectronics.

Scope of Research:

Our journal encompasses a broad range of topics within biosensors and electronics, including but not limited to:

  • Biochemical and Biophysical Sensors
  • Wearable and Implantable Biosensors
  • Nanobiosensors and Nanoelectronics
  • Bioelectronics for Healthcare and Diagnostics
  • Neuroelectronics and Brain-Machine Interfaces
  • Synthetic Biology and Biohybrid Systems
  • Biocompatible Materials for Electronic Devices
  • Advances in Electronic Instrumentation for Biosensing

Our Commitment to Excellence:

The Journal of Biosensors And Electronics (JBE) is committed to upholding the highest standards of academic rigor and scientific integrity. Our esteemed editorial board, comprised of leading experts in the field, ensures a meticulous peer-review process that identifies and promotes exceptional contributions to biosensors and electronics research.

Driving Innovation in Bioelectronics:

We recognize the transformative power of bioelectronics in healthcare, diagnostics, and beyond. Our journal provides an open-access platform, fostering global collaboration and enabling researchers worldwide to share discoveries and methodologies. By bridging the gap between biology and electronics, we aim to accelerate the development of bioelectronic devices that enhance human health, environmental monitoring, and scientific understanding.

Join the Bioelectronics Revolution:

Whether you're an established expert in bioelectronics, a researcher exploring the intricacies of biosensing technologies, or a technologist envisioning the future of bioelectronic interfaces, the Journal of Biosensors And Electronics (JBE) invites you to be part of the bioelectronics revolution. Contribute your expertise, engage in meaningful discourse, and shape the trajectory of bioelectronics research for the betterment of scientific and technological landscapes.

Connect with Us:

Stay informed about the latest research, conferences, and discussions by following us on social media and exploring our publications. Together, let's delve into the dynamic world of biosensors and electronics, unlock new possibilities, and advance our understanding of the technologies that bridge biology and electronics.

Thank you for being part of the Journal of Biosensors And Electronics (JBE) community. Together, let's innovate, collaborate, and drive the future of bioelectronics.