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About us:

Welcome to Contemporary Modern Educational Psychology (CMEP), a pioneering publication dedicated to exploring the latest trends, theories, and practices in the field of educational psychology. Our journal serves as a dynamic platform for researchers, educators, psychologists, policymakers, and students to delve into contemporary issues, share innovative approaches, and foster advancements in educational psychology.

Our Mission:

The mission of Contemporary Modern Educational Psychology (CMEP) is to promote excellence in educational research, theory, and practice. We strive to provide a platform for scholars to publish original research articles, literature reviews, empirical studies, theoretical papers, and practical applications that contribute to the enhancement of teaching, learning, and educational outcomes across diverse contexts.

Scope of the Journal:

Contemporary Modern Educational Psychology (CMEP) covers a wide range of topics within the field of educational psychology, including but not limited to:

  • Learning theories and cognitive development
  • Motivation and self-regulated learning
  • Instructional design and technology integration
  • Classroom management and behavior analysis
  • Assessment and evaluation in education
  • Special education and inclusive practices
  • Social-emotional learning and well-being
  • Cultural diversity and multicultural education.

We welcome contributions that offer fresh insights, evidence-based strategies, and critical analyses to advance our understanding of educational psychology and its application to educational practice and policy.

Editorial Excellence:

Our journal is guided by a distinguished editorial board comprising experts and scholars with diverse backgrounds in educational psychology and related disciplines. Our editorial team is committed to maintaining high standards of scholarship, rigor, and integrity in the peer-review process. We ensure that all published articles undergo a thorough evaluation to uphold the quality and relevance of the research presented.

Open Access Policy:

Contemporary Modern Educational Psychology (CMEP) is committed to promoting open access to scholarly knowledge and research findings. All articles published in our journal are freely accessible to researchers, educators, policymakers, and the public worldwide, fostering collaboration, innovation, and knowledge dissemination in the field of educational psychology.

Join Our Community:

Whether you are a seasoned researcher, a passionate educator, a dedicated student, or an interested reader, we invite you to join our vibrant community. Explore our latest publications, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and contribute to the advancement of educational psychology by sharing your insights and experiences.

Contact Us:

For inquiries, submissions, or collaboration opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome feedback, suggestions, and contributions from our readers and collaborators as we continue to advance the field of educational psychology and support the development of effective educational practices worldwide.

Thank you for choosing Contemporary Modern Educational Psychology (CMEP) as your source for contemporary research and insights in educational psychology.